Seed Family Education

Rabbi Dovi and Soro Colman are the latest addition to the Seed Manchester team and we are delighted that they are the new King David Family Educators. Rabbi Dovi was previously an extremely successful and loved educator at a Manchester Jewish primary School and both Rabbi Dovi and Soro have extensive experience in community outreach, bringing with them wisdom, talent and charisma.
Our SEED Family Educators, hold lots of special events throughout the year for kd pupils and their families. Before each of the chagim they hold parent child craft events for different year groups. this year we have already had a very successful Pre Chanukah craft event for years 3 & 4 and a Tu bishvat craft event for years 1 & 2. They also invite parents in pre pesach to give them ideas on how to bring the seder to life sharing lots of good ideas. Before major events, such as the siddur ceremony they invite parents in to do a special craft with their children. They also offer Hebrew Reading courses. 

Year 6 Shabbat assembly and Challah bake

Year 1 Tu Bishvat 

Year 3 & 4 chanukah craft event with parents

Rabbi Dovi and Soro joined us for an assembly before Rosh Hashanah to inspire our pupils in their tefilla.

We had a fabulous turnout for our power up session with Rabbi Grunfeld before the year 1 Siddur ceremony.

Pre Chanukah Seed Event

Following a fabulous year 3 shabbat assembly watched by parents and grandparents, families took part in a special shabbat craft event making brachot cards to use on a Friday night at home when blessing the children.

Years 5 & 6 pupils and parents enjoyed a child friendly interactive shacharit experience led by our family educator Rabbi Dovi Colman. Every child received a specially printed siddur companion with stories and explanations on the different tefillot. There was beautiful singing of tefillot and as it was a Thursday morning, the Torah was also taken out and read with fathers being called up for an Aliyah. After shacharit, the children and parents enjoyed a small kiddush in the shul hall.

Our family educators held a very successful parent child event on Tu Bishvat for Years 1 and 2 pupils and parents where the children made grass seed monsters. The hall was filled with families enjoying the special day.