We mark special events such as HMD and Yom Hashoah with special assemblies. We invite guest speakers to talk about the experiences of their parents/grandparents during the Holocaust. This year Lauren Clyne came in with a suitcase her grandmother had brought with her on the kindertransport and year 5 & 6 pupils were able to see all the different items contained in the suitcase. Noemie Lopian also came in to tell her mother's life story during the Holocaust. The children gain a lot from hearing about these real life experiences.
For Yom Ha'atzmaut the whole school is a sea of blue and white. We have a special assembly with lots of singing and dancing followed by a day of fun activities and a special israeli lunch. 
For Lag B'Omer, the hall is transformed into a fair with bouncy castles and activities. Years 5 & 6 also enjoy a picnic in the park with archery and other outdoor games.
Reception hold a very special brachot party at the end of the year to mark the end of their brachot topic. All the children enjoy making the brachot over the different types of food laid out and hearing everybody answer Amen. They sing songs about all the different brachot.

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