We are very excited to share with you a new venture that we have embarked on as a school. Following a recent
change in government guidance we have decided to invest in a brand new scheme for teaching early reading in our
school. This will impact the way that both phonics and reading are taught.

The resources for the parent page on the Little Wandle website can be accessed by clicking on the Logo below.  

Phonics will continue to be taught daily to all children following a newly released phonics scheme called ‘Little Wandle-Letters and Sounds revised’. This is a very thorough and rigorous programme which teaches the children the skills they need to read.  

Across Reception and Year 1, alongside our daily phonics lessons, each child will take part in reading practice sessions. We have been lucky enough to buy sets of 120 new early reading books which are fully decodable for the children and entirely matched to the phonics scheme. Children will be reading in small groups with a Teacher or Teaching assistant focusing on decoding, prosody and comprehension 

When the children read the book with you at home it will be to celebrate and showcase the skills they have learnt so you can see the wonderful progress they are making.
We will be sending these books home to keep for the whole week entrusting you  to look after them carefully and return to school in order to be changed.  

Regular checks will take place in order to ensure your child is keeping up with their phonics learning, 1:1 and group interventions will take place if necessary in order to support your child to reach their potential.

Supporting your child with reading 

Although your child will be taught to read at school, you can have a huge impact on their reading journey. Hearing your child read is SO important. This is how we are going to give them the WILL to read and celebrate their reading success.  

“One of the greatest gifts adults can give is to read to children.” Carl Sagan 

Subject Lead: Mrs J Peer