Adar 2024

Year 2 created beautiful graggers for Purim.

Great fun was had in School during Purim!

In honour of Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet, Year 6 recited tehilim for Israel, danced to Hashem Melech and enjoyed an  ice cream party.

Year 5 took part in their GIFT giving course which focused on giving through speech. The children learnt how to engage people in meaningful conversations, showing interest in others and learning about them. Our Year 5 pupils use these skills when visiting residents in Heathlands.

Year 5 pupils decorated Purim posters to be hung up in old age homes in the community ready for Purim in conjunction with GIFT.

We held another very successful Clean Speech event for parents and pupils of years 4 & 5.
All the children across ks2 came to school wearing their clean speech t-shirts with compliments written on them from their parents.

Year 1 had a gorgeous time dramatizing the Purim story using puppets and a puppet theatre.

Here is a video from an Israeli soldier who has received a letter from one of our pupils and shares his gratitude.