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Maccabi Scouts Visit KDPS

Every year, 6 Maccabi Scouts from Israel come over to the UK with their madrichim
for the Torch Relay. The object of their visit is to go into the primary schools with a programme/lesson for all aged children from nursery to year 6 related to the story of Chanukah.

This year they visited King David where they joined us for our Kabbbalat Shabbat assembly and then ran sessions for KS2 pupils related to the story of Chanukah. The children all had a fantastic time takin part in quizzes, games and Chanukah activities.


Year 6 pupils had to make a kosher Chanukiah using items they could find in the classroom
Year 6 took part in a spoon and candle race
Making chanukiyot out of classroom items
Maccabi youth introduced themselves in Hebrew

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