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General Information

The King David Primary School is registered in England and Wales.
Registration number:   0842154
Registered Office:     Wilton Polygon, Bury Old Road, Manchester, M8 5DJ

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is run Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 8.50 am.  Children are provided with juice and toast.  If you would like your child to attend either on a weekly or daily basis then please contact the school office.


Both healthy eating and physical education promotes a healthy lifestyle.  The school places great emphasis on this and we hope that you will encourage your child to participate in the many opportunities offered by the school.

Parental Dress Code

All adults will be aware of the proverb “Example is better than precept”.  For this reason the governors respectfully request that all parents must respect the ethos of the school by dressing modestly i.e

  • No mini Skirts
  • No low cut or sleeveless tops
  • No shorts
  • Ladies are also reminded that trousers / leggings are unacceptable dress when attending school functions.  Gentlemen are required to wear a kippah on entering the school.


Jewellery should not be brought into school.  Earrings should not be worn.  Parents should be aware that King David Primary School will take no responsibility for any injuries sustained to their child as a result of wearing studs.  Rings should not be worn owing to the danger of injury and watches should not be worn for PE / Games lessons where there would be a safety risk.

Mobile Phones/iPods etc

Children are not allowed to bring mobile phones / iPods etc into school.  Only in exceptional circumstances, with prior agreement from the Headteacher can mobile phones be left in the school office.


Risk Assessments are carried out on a regular basis to ensure safety both in and around the building and on outside visits.


It is important for children to attend school regularly and to arrive on time.  If your child is off school please let us know the reason on the first day of the absence. School will contact you as soon as we can on the first day of absence if parents have not contacted school.


All pupils are expected to conduct themselves in a way which will bring credit to themselves, their families and the school.  This applies just as much off the school campus as it does in school.

Out ultimate aim is self-discipline, but this can only be achieved via a framework provided by home and school working together.  Good behaviour is expected as a matter of course.  Some children may fall short of the standards expected from time to time and a range of conventional sanctions will be applied to those who fail to meet the required standard.

If you wish to see a full copy of our Behaviour & Pupil Management Policy please contact the school office.


Certain circumstances make it necessary for a child to receive medication during school hours, i.e diabetes, asthma etc.  If it is necessary for your child to have regular medication, please complete a medication form which can be obtained from the school office.  This form must also be completed if you require school to administer anti-biotics to your child.

Emergency Contacts

During the day it may be necessary to contact you in an emergency.  Please ensure that you complete the emergency contact form and inform us of any changes.



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