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Escape from Egypt

Year 6 enjoyed an 'Escape from Egypt' adventure as part of their Pesach learning. Each year 6 class was split into teams and had to successfully find and complete six different puzzles in order to get the combination numbers for the lock to escape the room.











  • 6K escape-01
  • 6K escape-02
  • 6K escape-03
  • 6K escape-04
  • 6K escape-05
  • 6K escape-06
  • 6K escape-07
  • 6K escape-08
  • 6K escape-09
  • 6K escape-10
  • 6K escape-11
  • 6K escape-12
  • 6K escape-13
  • 6K escape-14
  • 6K escape-15
  • 6K escape-16
  • 6K escape-17
  • 6K escape-18
  • 6K escape-19
  • 6K escape-20
  • 6K escape-21
  • 6K escape-22
  • 6K escape-23
  • 6K escape-24
  • 6K escape-25
  • 6K escape-26
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