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Pupil Progress, Assessment and Reports

Assessment at King David Primary School is an integral part of teaching and learning. Its purpose is primarily to inform the teacher of a child’s progress so that appropriate tasks are planned for future teaching.

We are committed to each child reaching their full potential. To measure this, a baseline profile is completed within the first half term of each child’s entry into both the Pre-school nursery and Reception and this is kept as a reference point in the child’s records as they go through the school. Children are then continually assessed as they go through the Foundation stage according to Development Matters and the Early Learning Goals for their Foundation Stage profile is completed in their final term. In Years 1 to 6 children are assessed termly and individual targets and results are discussed and agreed with children. These describe an all-round picture of the child’s development, this information is shared with parents at our two Parents Evenings each academic year and annual reports are completed and sent home towards the end of the Summer term.

Termly assessments also inform teachers, children and parents of the next steps in learning.
Formal tests take place in Year 2 and Year 6 in line with National SATs testing.



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