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Our Statement of Curriculum Intent

At King David Primary School our curriculum is based on our core values and our Jewish ethos. We follow a knowledge-engaged approach as we see our curriculum as a balance between knowledge and skills. Our curriculum is designed to inspire enthusiasm for learning and to ensure opportunities are provided to create independent, confident and highly motivated life-long learners. We encourage high achievement and support pupil well-being and happiness with equal access to learning, with high expectations for every pupil and appropriate challenge and support.

We aim for all our pupils to be responsible, caring citizens who build strong relationships, develop resilience, celebrate diversity, encourage respect and build a sense of community.
All our children are given the opportunity to succeed through a broad, balanced, challenging and inclusive curriculum that enables pupils to develop knowledge, understand concepts and acquire skills and to be able to apply these in relevant situations.

We plan our curriculum to include all the requirements of the Early Years Framework, National Curriculum and a Jewish Studies curriculum that supports the heritage and culture of orthodox Jewish families in Manchester and our support of the state of Israel. As a Jewish school we value the spiritual, moral, social and emotional development of every child. We are deeply committed to preparing our pupils for life in modern Britain and understanding their place in the global community. We constantly strive to provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning in the classroom and the wider environment. We promote the learning and development of our youngest children in Nursery and Reception to ensure they are ready for Key Stage 1 as well as preparing our older pupils for their transition to secondary school.

Pupils have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery and are encouraged to speak eloquently and articulate their ideas and thoughts and to have the confidence to express their views through the wide curriculum.

A wide range of extra-curricular activities enrich the opportunities for our pupils. At King David Primary School we promote a positive attitude to learning and behaviour so all children enjoy coming to school, develop high expectations of themselves and have a strong sense of belonging and are proud that they have developed the confidence and skills needed to succeed in their future lives and the working world.


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